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Car painting is very laborious, lengthy and expensive process of creativity. If the car enters the painting after straightening, the parts are removed, disassembled (discontinued mounted parts). Cars that arrive just in painting (deep scratches, abrasions, cracks, minor damage or Burnout in the Sun-and-lacquer coating), in most cases require provisional partial dismantling of the parts.

One of the most significant sites of any vehicle is a chassis, which constitute the beem bridges, frames, wheels and suspension. Typically, many car owners do not tace care properly of their car's undercarriage. That is why the repair is fairly popular service.It is worth noting that the chassis provides not only the movement of the car, but also a certain level of comfort on the road.

Car Auto Noise insulation is one of the main requirements for modern vehicle. Its main goal is to driver comfort during movement. Today auto noise insulation involves multiple challenges: lowering road noise, noise coming from engine, noise elimination, which make decorative items in the cabin of the car.

Most modern gasoline engines are equipped with injection system which is designed for fuel supply. It provides the forced fuel injection using injectors. Over time, these jets become clogged, which is why you need periodic cleaning of injector. You must understand that the state of injectors has a significant impact on the work of the whole engine.